2017 Effigy!

Engulf 2017 Effigy: Beneath!


Engulf is proud to announce that we have selected an Effigy for Engulf 2017: Beneath!! It’s a great representation of our community and our theme: Below Sea Level!

Congratulations to designers Brennan Steele and Sam Marrone on being selected to build our effigy this year!! Their team includes: Graham Holly, Heron Detail Artist; Thomas Briton, Lighting; Lauren Walker, Art Direction; Nolan Beaver, Build Space; and Eric Arvidson, Burn Direction. Thank you all!

There team can also include YOU! So many way for the community to get involved in this year’s effigy:

  1. Report to 2334 Port between 6 and 8pm on Oct, 4, 5, and 6 to help build!
  2. You can also help by bringing palm fronds and banana leave to 2334 Port on Oct 4, 5, and 6! Please drop them in the yard if gate is closed.
  3. You can also build a Below Knee Level sculpture to display and burn with the effigy and you can also build/contribute pieces to the effigy during Engulf! No registration necessary, but please place your contributions in a way so that people will not trip or get hurt.

Engulf would like to thank Lenny Unbehagen for submitting a gorgeous design! We hope that he submits again in the future! Wed love to see one of his effigys standing tall on the piney playa.

This is not an image of the effigy, but it’s got something in common with it!