Below Knee Level!

Make your very own effigy for Engulf 2017! Ever wanted to make a mini effigy? Perhaps the heigh or below the level of your knee? Now’s your chance! All Engulf participants are invited to contribute a “below your knee”-height effigy to be displayed and burned at Engulf 2017. You can even build them at the… Read More

Engulf Survival Guide is Here!

Learn how to survive the piney playa by pouring over the contents of our Survival Guide. Do you know what to bring? Event rules? What the different volunteer departments do? How to volunteer and get involved? It’s all in HERE! Or get your PDF copy here: 2017 Survival Guide! When you arrive at Engulf, you’ll… Read More

EARTH at ENGULF: Burning Green!

Only 20 something days until you are back home at Engulf. Now is a great time to start thinking about how to have an environmentally friendly, conscientious, and responsible burn. If you’re interested in gearing up for a green burn, here’s what can you do NOW! DO source second-hand gear! Use Craigslist, your online communities… Read More

September 18 Newsletter: 24 Days till Engulf!

Engulf is almost here! Community meeting! September 20th, 2334 Port Street NOLA, 7pm. BYO chairs, snacks, and beverages. Find the Facebook invite here. Find out what we’ll talk about here! We’ll follow the meeting with a sign-making party, all are invited to help! (There will be no bathrooms at the meeting, but semi-private outdoor places… Read More

September 20th Community Meeting

Community Meeting! 2334 Port Street, NOLA, 7pm, September 20th, 2017 Engulf is just around the corner and we’ve got lots to talk about and do! Here are some of things we’ll talk about (including ways to get involved!):   The state of ticket sales and volunteer sign up–doing great but we could do greater! This… Read More

2017 Effigy!

Engulf 2017 Effigy: Beneath! Engulfers! Engulf is proud to announce that we have selected an Effigy for Engulf 2017: Beneath!! It’s a great representation of our community and our theme: Below Sea Level! Congratulations to designers Brennan Steele and Sam Marrone on being selected to build our effigy this year!! Their team includes: Graham Holly, Heron Detail… Read More