A few words from our safety team…

Be safe on the piney playa! There can be uneven terrain and other trip hazards:  watch out for fallen branches and keep shared pathways clear. Stay lit at night!  The more you can see and be seen,  they safer you’ll be. Cover rebar (tennis balls and beer cans work) and mark all guide wires. Projects… Read More

Earth at Engulf – Part 3

Don’t be the trashy friend. While you are doing your last minute packings and supply gathering, think about these important reminders: Go big. Buy gallon or larger bottles of water and mixers. With whale sized whistle wetters, you’ll prevent many plastic bottles from filling our landfills and Gulf. Pair up on your trash. Two mermen…. Read More

Bringing Sound to Engulf?

Hey team, if you’re bringing any kind of sound please read this. If you have sound louder than a boom box, you will have to sign this waiver at gate. Thanks!   ENGULF SOUND POLICY Amplified sound is an integral part of Engulf as it is any Burn, and Engulf highly encourages and appreciates artistic… Read More

Earth at Engulf

How to MOOP like a pro! 10 days until Engulfers start filling up the piney playa! A few updates from your Earth Guardians: There will be a MOOP MAP post-Engulf. What?! COOL! This means that everyone will be held accountable for their Leave No Trace efforts. After the event, your Earth Guardians will sweep the… Read More