A few words from our safety team…

Be safe on the piney playa!

There can be uneven terrain and other trip hazards:  watch out for fallen branches and keep shared pathways clear.

Stay lit at night!  The more you can see and be seen,  they safer you’ll be.

Cover rebar (tennis balls and beer cans work) and mark all guide wires. Projects should be lit at night.

Obey signage and stick to well traveled paths.  Avoid the sink hole!

The speed limit at Engulf is 5mph. All moving vehicles should be lit at night.  Pedestrians have the right of way!

You can swim at your own risk in the pond in the headquarters field.  Do not swim in the effigy field pond or anywhere else on the property.  Bring a floatie!

See something unsafe?  Rangers and any volunteer with a radio are there to help!  Engulf LLC reserves the right to restrict or prohibit any activity or project.

At headquarters you’ll find our SAFET team: Rangers, GEAR (medical), ESP (Sanctuary), Fire Safety, FART (burn team), Fire Perimeter, and Night Watch!

You’ll also find the Hive! The Hive can help you with volunteer schedules,  event information,  maps,  lost & found,  and radios.

If you’re volunteering and will be using a radio,  you must SURRENDER YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE IN ORDER TO GET A RADIO. Get them at the Hive 10am to 10pm and from Ranger HQ between 10pm and 10am.

You are responsible for your own safety at Engulf.

Near the gate there are horses and an electric fence. Stay clear of this area. Anyone found to have tampered with the horses will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law…

Read the Survival Guide! Read the website! Follow written and verbal instructions and warnings!