Double-sided photographic lightboxes hang from a ‘celestial’ chandelier composed of overlapping metal rings, 6’ & 8’ in diameter suspended from surrounding trees. The multi-level, dimensional metal rings are made from steel and are arrayed in a pattern to reflect astronomical drawings of the movements of planets and other interstellar objects. These will be lit with LED lights (coloring will mimic the photographs hanging below), so viewers can admire the beautiful metalwork and see the patterns they create. Hanging down in an organic pattern, which viewers can move around and through, are 10 double-sided lightboxes in varying sizes, they display 20 backlit photographs. The lightboxes are 5-11×14”, 5-16×20” – these hang from the metal rods on small galvanized steel wires. Each lightbox has a sturdy metal rod on the bottom of it, which is attached to a weight resting on the ground. This allows the viewer to touch the lightboxes, and the lightboxes to sway naturally in the wind, but stabilizes them from too much movement, as to not hit each other or any person walking through the lighboxes and around the installation. Participants enter the circle of lightboxes and are surrounded by backlit images, while the large metal rings dangle above them. Inside the light boxes are images exploring diverse cultures. In particular, this artwork champions the ethos of cultural respect by creating an atmosphere empathetic to the human condition. Participation in the installation creates a warm environment that celebrates diversity. Inside the circle of lightboxes are faces from ten countries gazing back at the viewer, young, old, smiling, serious, they are impactful and the opposite side is a landscape from each perspective country. The intent is to speak to our connection, as we are all part of the human family. Participants will take a metaphorical journey around the world as they walk around, through and interact with ‘Celeste’. In addition, the heavens are represented by the celestial circles of the chandelier, looking up through and around the chandelier, the viewer is encouraged to contemplate the profound dance of the universe, particles, vibrations, and energy that define our individual and shared reality, both here on earth and beyond.