Sporting a distinct mural of the Buddha, sitting in his teaching pose and shining a laser pointer, LAZEN’s concept is simple: provide an isolated darkroom, a phosphorescent wall, and a laser, then take a step back to let the operator create whatever they can imagine.

A Zen garden for the 21st Century… and beyond!


LAZEN is a laser painting booth. The operator controls a laser which draws onto a phosphorescent sheet, on which the image will persist for 5-10 minutes before fading away.

It requires the use of two lasers: a Class 3R red sighting laser, and a Class 3B violet painting laser. Both lasers are mounted on a turret, inside an enclosure, facing away from the operator and toward the painting screen. The operator is separated from the lasers by a plywood barrier, and can only view the laser light after it has been diffused or re-emitted by the phosphorescent screen, and after passing through a protective laser window.

The operator only has access to move their end of the turret lever and pull the trigger. The turret is angle-limited such that it cannot aim outside the enclosure. The only way that either laser’s diffused light can escape from the enclosure is through the open roof or through the viewing window.

The sighting laser is a 5mW 650nm diode laser (Class 3R, comparable to most cat toys). Only light which is diffused by the painting screen (the phosphorescent sheet does not absorb red light) will be viewable from outside the enclosure.

The painting laser is a 20mW 405nm diode laser (Class 3B). It is mounted adjacent to and parallel with the sighting laser. The lens is defocused to diverge the beam into a circle approximately 1.5cm in diameter at the screen. The surface of the screen diffuses a small fraction of the incoming light, and absorbs the rest. Absorbed light is re-emitted in the visible spectrum, with a peak wavelength of around 520nm.

The viewing aperture is an OD5+ Kentek ACR-KTP acrylic window equipped with an electronic interlock. The window can be opened to view a completed image on the screen. The painting laser will not energise unless the viewing window is closed. More information on the window can be found here:

The booth is lit from the outside using RGB LED strips. The guy-straps are wound with orange EL wire. The LED strips and lasers are powered from a lead-acid battery array which is charged by solar. The power system is self-contained and fault-protected, with circuit breakers between batterycharger, chargersolar, and chargerload. It has proven adaptable in a number of projects.