The Underwater Disco

The Underwater Disco is a groovy immersive space where people gather to appreciate beauty and dance amongst friends. Disco chandeliers hang from the trees and are lit from above and below. If you look closely, you will see little disco fish swimming above your head. During the day, the Underwater Disco is a space for the quiet appreciation of nature and disco. At night, the Disco comes alive. People from all walks of life boogie on down to the Underwater Disco to dance the night away. The Underwater Disco is located at Cinema Paradiso and adds a disco flair to the trees, enjoyed with the company of totally awesome DJs and projections.

There is a one time only, one hour event planned for Saturday at sunset – the Underwear Disco at the Underwater Disco. Attendees must bring a pair of underwear to hang in the Ticket Tree or hang the underwear they are already wearing. Ticketing will be strictly enforced by Sticky, a stick figure made of sticks. Can you dig it?