Earth at Engulf

How to MOOP like a pro!

10 days until Engulfers start filling up the piney playa! A few updates from your Earth Guardians:

There will be a MOOP MAP post-Engulf. What?! COOL! This means that everyone will be held accountable for their Leave No Trace efforts. After the event, your Earth Guardians will sweep the land to see how you did (interested in wearing a maid’s outfit and being part of the sweep efforts? Contact Sam – info below!)

Check out the 2016 Burning Man Moop Map here as an example. We’ll use the same system: green = quick, easy and clean; yellow = moderate; and red = moopy. The MOOP MAP helps us figure out who is living the Leave No Trace principle and comes into play when you submit next year’s registrations (theme camps, art, events etc).

Things you can do to ensure you are in the GREEN?

  • Make sure EVERY art project, theme camp, event and camping area has a EARTH GUARDIAN LEAD. Someone who will be on-site until the last moment (5 pm Sunday). Someone to do the final sweep. Send an email out now and make sure your project, camp, team, event has a LEAVE NO TRACE LEAD!
  • Do a LINE SWEEP: LINE SWEEP (n) – a forward moving lineup of moopers side-by-side an arms width apart; a quick and efficient community effort for scanning and picking up Matter Out Of Place over a given area of the Engulf earth surface such as your camp, city block, art installation, village, etc.


Width of Camp / Arms Width Apart (~6ft.) = OPTIMAL NUMBER OF MOOPERS

EXAMPLE: A camp that is 60 ft. wide should have at least 10 moopers on the line.

Some other important tips:

  • Make a meal plan NOW! How can you reduce waste when preparing your meals? Can you premake and freeze food? Buy in bulk and use containers you already have rather than buying snacks and food in individual packing. REDUCE, REUSE in every aspect of your burn.
  • Before heading to Amazon Prime to order gear – search your local Craigslist and other second-hand stores and sites!
  • Are the sequins falling off your favorite costume? Consider what you are going to decorate yourself in and make sure it isn’t going to leave any traces at Engulf!

Earth Guardians unite!

Let’s leave the earth at Engulf better than we found it! Consider conscientious and innovative ways to create a more environmentally friendly and responsible burn! Please contact Sam at (561) 542-8734 or to share ideas, brainstorm, ask questions, or anything else!

OH – read the dang survival guide too!