EARTH at ENGULF: Burning Green!

Only 20 something days until you are back home at Engulf. Now is a great time to start thinking about how to have an environmentally friendly, conscientious, and responsible burn. If you’re interested in gearing up for a green burn, here’s what can you do NOW!

  • DO source second-hand gear! Use Craigslist, your online communities (second-hand apps, Favebook) and ebay to find EVERYTHING you might need second-hand. REUSE! RECYCLE!
  • DO start packing and planning now in case things from ebay or Craigslist take some time to get to you.
  • DO make a responsible food plan which means being planning for leftovers and planning with others! Share food! Bring tupperware! Try not to over-buy!
  • DO make a recycle plan! Use separate receptacles for recycling!
  • DO put thought into your costumes. Reconsider buying online or new. There are great second-hand treasurers or you can re-do an old get-up!
  • DO plan to use/reuse found materials for art!
  • DO start a carpool plan!
  • THINK about how to avoid using a generator! DO explore solar power sources.

Leave No Trace

Engulf is a Leave No Trace event. That means, pack it in and pack it out. Everything you bring to the event, down to every cigarette butt, must go back out with you.

LNT Basics:

  • MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) is the enemy. Don’t drop it. If you see it, pick it up and imprison it in a pocket or pouch.
  • Pack it in, pack it out. Everything. Alles. Todo. Tout. 
  • Look for second-hand and environmentally friendly supplies. Reuse instead of replacing. Avoid packaging. Share.
  • Take the time to separate your recyclables and recycle them after the event. You must pack out landfill trash; please dispose of it responsibly.
  • If it wasn’t in your body, don’t put it in the potty! That and one-ply toilet paper is all that goes in.   
  • POOP IS MOOP anywhere but a toilet!

When you pack-in and pack-out supplies and materials, remember these MOOPY suspects:

  • Cloth, Carpet, Fiber, Costume, and Rope Debris
  • Rebar, Tent Stakes, and Ground Anchors
  • Metal Debris – Nails, screws, fasteners, metal slag, beer bottle tops
  • Cigarette Butts – Nope, they don’t go on the ground.
  • Glass Debris – Broken beer bottles, broken windshields, etc.
  • Plastic Debris – Plastic bottle tops, packaging, baggies, zip ties, duct tape, caution tape, wood
  • Debris – palettes, lumber, boxes, cardboard, paper

Earth Guardians unite!

Let’s leave the earth at Engulf better than we found it! Let’s consider conscientious and innovative ways to create a more environmentally friendly and responsible burn! Please contact Sam at (561) 542-8734 or to share ideas, brainstorm, ask questions, or anything else!