Engulf 2017 Theme: Below Sea Level!

The community has voted and the clear winner (with 28 votes out of 76) is Below Sea Level! Thanks all for voting!

The results are in

When we voted to name the event last year, Below Sea Level came in second, so I’m thinking we like this theme as a community!

What’s a theme and why do we have one?

We follow the tradition of Burning Man and other Burns, believing that themes give the community a way to co-create the event and offer a different flavor for each year’s burn. As Engulf is a platform for self-expression and creativity, we hope a common, communal theme inspires and unites participants, artists, and effigy submissions. You can use the theme to color and create costumes, events, art, theme camps, etc. (Rest assured, you need not do anything related to the theme—it’s up to you!)

So, what’s Below Sea Level?

Anything you want it to be! It’s nautical, environmental, cultural, apocalyptic! It’s under water! Mer-people, fish, sharks, water mammals, sailors, pirates, seahumans, shore leave, water world, swampy stuff, save our shores, sunken ships, other watercraft, oil-covered waterfowl, Moby Dick, an apocalyptic vision of Louisiana, Paris in the Swamp, deeeep sea divers, aliens that came from space and ended up in our oceans, etc. etc. etc. (Below “See” Level anyone 😉?)

And one more thing …

Below Knee Level!

Below Knee Level!

Below Knee Level! This year we’ll invite participants to create mini effigies to be displayed and burned at the event! More on this soon …

We’re so excited for Engulf 2017 and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!