About Engulf

Engulf is a regional arts festival inspired by Burning Man and is held on private land in Kentwood, LA. This overnight camping event is limited to participants who are at least 21 years of age.

Engulf is a way of bringing Burning Man’s spirit and 10 principles home to our region, where we continue the experiment in community building and community self-reliance by jointly erecting our own temporary city where self-expression, inclusion, participation, and immediacy are core values.

Engulf is an event created by its participants and all Engulfers are participants, which means there are no spectators.

Engulf comes about through communal effort and all participants are part of the Engulf community. Being part of the community can mean being a participant before, during, or after the event.

All participants should enjoy all the event has to offer, including the many voluntary ways to help the event run

—direct parking, greet new arrivals, design the city, curate the art, etc. etc. etc. All the things for a city! Some participants will help provide security or safety; these participants will be trained and/or licensed for these roles. Volunteer info here!
The event will be funded by ticket sales and any profits made from ticket sales are community profits and will go right back into improving our ability to create Engulf, which may include anything from acquiring infrastructure to supporting art for the event to engaging our civic responsibility to our communities through donations to charitable causes.

There is no vending, advertising, promoting, or commerce of any kind at this event (except for ice).

Be sure to be self-reliant for everything else: You should supply for all of your needs while at Engulf, but if you have something to share—a dance, a meal, a work of art, a smile—that’s called gifting.

When we leave the event and take down our city, we “leave no trace.” Everyone packs out what they pack in, including garbage and recycling.

Our mission statement helps clarify what it takes to become an official Burning Man regional event and our efforts toward that end – please check it out!