Engulf Survival Guide

What is Engulf?

Engulf is a team effort by the New Orleans Burning Man Community to create a weekend camping event that brings Burning Man’s spirit and 10 principles to our region. Engulf 2016 and 2017 were both a success and this year we continue the experiment in community building and self-reliance by once again erecting our own temporary city where self-expression, inclusion, and immediacy are core values. To download a PDF of the 2019 Survival Guide click the cover image to the right or click here. *** Bringing sound to Engulf? Please read this!

Engulf is a community event created by YOU! It comes about through communal effort and all participants are part of the Engulf community. Being part of the community can mean being a participant before, during, or after the event. Participants should enjoy all the event has to offer, including the many voluntary ways to help, such as greeting new arrivals, designing and building the city, guarding the event perimeter, curating the art, and more. Some participants will help provide security or safety; these participants will be trained and/or licensed for these roles.

The event is funded by ticket sales and any profits made from ticket sales go right back into improving our ability to create Engulf, which may include anything from acquiring infrastructure to supporting art for the event to engaging our civic responsibility to our communities through donations to charitable causes.

There are no sponsors, vending, advertising, promoting, or commerce of any kind at this event except for ice. Be self-reliant: You should provide for all of your needs while at Engulf, but if you have something to share—a dance, a meal, a work of art, a smile—that’s called gifting.

Engulf values the use of natural, reclaimed, reused, or reusable materials of all kinds and when we leave the event and take down our city, we “leave no trace.” Everyone packs out what they pack in, including garbage and recycling.


Engulf: October 10-13, 2019


21 and Up


12pm to 10pm

10am to 10pm

10am to 9pm



The Burning Man Ten Principles are written guidelines for the Regional Network – they were crafted not as a dictate of how people should be and act, but as a reflection of the community’s ethos and culture as it has organically developed since the event’s inception. The New Orleans Burning Man Community is proud to be an active part of the Regional Network and has created Engulf to operate with these intentions.



TO BRING: Everything you will need to survive a 3-day event in a camping environment with limited shade. Including:

  • Water and food for 3 days (1.5 gallons of water per person per day)
  • Shelter and gear (weather could be hot, rainy, or cold check the forecast before you leave for the event)
  • A wonderful attitude and respect for the event, its participants, and Burning Man’s 10 Principles
  • A first aid kit and any medication you need
  • RVs and campers should bring a fire extinguisher

DO NOT BRING: Anything prohibited on the ticket, the waiver, or in this survival guide. Including:

  • Weapons
  • Explosives, fireworks, fuel in anything but proper containers, personal fires, fire pits, tiki torches
  • Hand-held lasers
  • Anything falling apart or extremely MOOPy (MOOP: Matter [usually trash] Out Of Place)
  • Trampolines
  • Illegal substances
  • Pets (for service animals, please have paperwork)
  • Anything to vend (vending of any kind is prohibited at Engulf except ice sales by Engulf)

ALL FIRE ART: Must be expressly approved by the event for use during the event. Any fire art that has not been approved is in violation of the event rules, policies, and guidelines and may be grounds for ejection of the operators.


Engulf is at the Lazy B Ranch in Kentwood, Louisiana which is about an hour and a half/45min from New Orleans. Do not arrive before the gates open on the first day unless Engulf has arranged early entry for an art project, theme camp, or volunteer position. You will not be let in without approved early entry.

You must have a valid, unexpired government-issued photo ID and your ticket to gain entry. Upon verifying both photo ID, name on tickets,  you will pass through the gates. No ticket? No entry. No exceptions.

There will be absolutely no ticket sales at the Gate…as in zero.

This is a 21+ event.

You must abide by all rules in the survival guide and on your ticket (see ticket guidelines immediately below). You must also adhere to rules given verbally at the event and on any event signage.

(note: cell reception may not be as reliable as it is in our cities. Consider printing your map. Or re-mesmerizing it.)

23211 highway 440
Kentwood, LA 70444
United States

Once you are past the Gate, find a greeter and get your hugs. Greeters know all the things!



Please remain in your vehicle to help us get you in safely and quickly.

All vehicles are subject to search.

Exit and re-entry, i.e., “ins and outs”, are only allowed in cases of emergency and with the express consent of an LLC member and on a case-by case basis.

If you must leave the event early, you will not be allowed re-entry.


Carpooling with friends, family, camp–mates, or random strangers is highly encouraged. The Engulf site has limited parking available. Upon arrival, you may drop off your gear at your location, and then you will be asked to return your car to the parking area within the allotted time. You may not camp in the parking lot.


Only approved Mutant Vehicles, bicycles, emergency and administrative vehicles are allowed to cruise around during the event. Drive very slowly (Speed limit: 5 mph)

Ice is available for sale by the event

Respect the art and artists at Engulf by only modifying artwork with the permission of the artist. If you see someone vandalizing, ask them to stop or inform a Ranger

Other than the above, there will be no other sales or concessions of any kind at Engulf

Abide by all relevant local, state and federal laws. If you see law enforcement officers, be Engulf cooperates with all local, parish, state, and federal officials.

Please see our Code of Conduct for details on expected participant behavior.

Not bringing the necessary gear for you to camp is neither smart nor cute.

Only the 3 Ps are allowed in the Porta-Potties: Pee, Poop, and Paper.


There are two ways to camp at Engulf. Either with a theme camp, or in one of the designated open camping areas (see map). RVs and trailers that aren’t with a theme camp must camp in the designated RV parking area.

Theme Camps are given clearly marked camping spots.

Open Camping placement is on a first-come, first-serve basis. No registration necessary. Please be mindful not to block the pathways! No amplified sound beyond a boom box, quiet hours: 10pm to 10am–no amplified sound or generators.

Lazy B Ranch and Engulf do not provide electricity to participants. There are Porta-Potties that will be set up at Engulf. No wet wipes, tampons, plastic or any other objects! “Please do not poop in the wooded area or open fields.”

Not bringing the necessary gear for you to camp is not cute at all. Self-reliance is key to surviving the event.

Please be responsible about your tent stakes and ropes to prevent any distracted Engulfers (possibly yourself) from unnecessary injuries.

Remember that people are not necessarily going to want to sleep when you do. Bring ear plugs so you can sleep on your own terms.

There are no lifeguards – swim at your own risk.


Leave No Trace is arguably our most cherished and tangible principle. This means that we must leave the site in better condition than we found it, showing absolutely no evidence of our having been there. Each participant must remove all items they brought with them – including their trash and all the tiny bits of things that humans tend to shed – when they leave the site. For more info on how you can help LNT at Engulf, contact any Earth Restoration volunteer.

MOOP = Matter Out Of Place!

Consent allows us to create the safest possible space in which we all can play.


Engulf and the burning man community have a culture that respects and encourages active consent. Our willingness to respect boundaries allows us to create the safest possible space in which we all can play. Respectful, open communication; willing, informed consent; and self-awareness are the tools we use in creating this environment, and consent makes the event better for every participant.

You are obligated to get someone’s consent in a sexual context, in a situation involving video or photography, or in any situation affecting the experience of another person at Engulf.


Engulf’s Safety Team includes our GEAR (Gulf Emergency Action Responders), FART (Fire Art Response Team), Engulf Rangers and ESP (Engulf Sanctuary Participants). All of our GEAR volunteers are trained and certified healthcare providers, many with EMS and ER experience. The Safety Team is on hand to triage and treat any medical problems or injuries, assist with disputes, maintain the safety of the event and participants, help with someone who is disoriented or upset, make sure all fire and fire art is approved and safe.

The volunteers on our Safety Teams are just that – volunteers. Which means they are ticket-buying participants just like you. Medics / GEAR are medically certified. Rangers and ESP / Sanctuary are trained. The fire team / FART is led by a firefighter and experienced fire art volunteers.

A Sanctuary will be provided for those who need a quiet, calm space where you can speak to someone or take a breather. A soft landing, if you will.

The Safety HQ will be clearly marked on the Engulf map and highly visible at the event. Seek help at Safety HQ directly, or they can come to you. Please ask an on-duty safety volunteer or Ranger if you need medical, mental health, or other assistance.

Pairs of Rangers can be found circulating the event 24/7, helping out as needed. They carry radios to access additional resources and are trained to mediate disputes. Rangers do prefer that you practice radical self-reliance first, and ask for help second – but participants are encouraged to ask for assistance when they need it.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that you feel may become a problem during the event, please make a campmate aware of it and inform the Safety Team. Please be sure to bring any medications you might need during the event.

Get approval from FART for any fire art and plan to discuss your art and safety plan. FART members don’t bite – we limit risk and prevent friends from getting hurt.


Safety volunteers are also your portal to off-site medical care locations. While you have the right to contact 911 directly, please try and route the request through a Ranger or Medical volunteer so that we can remain “in the loop” and facilitate. In the event you need to be evacuated to a hospital or wish to travel to one yourself, contact Safety HQ. We will provide information or assistance to get you to the local hospital or Urgent Care Center.


Engulf Rangers are first and foremost citizens of Engulf. They help to preserve the safety, welfare, and quality of experience of our community while supporting participants. They are burners and participants just like you – they are not “law enforcement.” You can spot Engulf Rangers by their Swampy Green shirt with the Ranger logo on the front and back.


Engulf is a 100% volunteer-run event and we are always looking for enthusiastic burners (or prospective burners) that want to help out! The EN-V (Engulf’s Network of Volunteer) Team will always take a volunteer! Want to take a shift last-minute? Volunteer coordinators will be stationed at the EN-V HQ tent welcoming and placing all walk-up volunteers throughout the event.


Engulf is a three day event. You’re expected to rely on yourself for all your basic needs. Please prepare for rain, wind, and other extreme weather. Failure to do so may result in way less of a good time.

Engulf’s city limits do not extend across the entire property at Lazy B Ranch. We will mark where it ends and where participants should not go. If you decide to wander into the wilderness, understand that there are worse consequences than getting in trouble for doing so. Don’t risk your safety.

If you’re severely allergic to anything in nature including bee stings or bug bites, please take the appropriate precautions.

We encourage self-reliance in all situations, but some medical precautions are in place, including a volunteer medical team and an on–call ambulance if needed. Please help us to help you by bringing a basic first-aid kit with each group/theme camp and knowing how to use the contents.

A burn can be an intense experience so mental preparation is just as important as your physical preparation. Check out: Nowhere Burns Emotional Survival Guide.

Interactive work convenes society around itself. It provokes actions.


Anyone making a commitment to creating art at Engulf must take responsibility for all aspects of that creation. From filling out the art installation registration form, participating in a dialogue with us, protecting your art, to cleanup accountability, every aspect of creating art must be taken seriously.

Artwork must be sufficiently secured against high winds and intense weather conditions that can arise at Lazy B Ranch. If you use guide wires they must be flagged.

Artwork must be sufficiently illuminated at night, including rebar, guide wires and any other part of the installation that somebody could crash into. This includes lighting your build materials before you finish creating your art installation. Note that it’s a darn good idea to use something that cannot be stolen or removed. Camping is not allowed at any art installation.



Fire is a spectacular part of our event, when done safely and in a controlled manner. The Fire Art Response Team (F.A.R.T.) requires that you contact us first regarding fire fire sculptures, flame effects, and/or any fire art. Spinning artists must adhere to approved safety precautions when using fire. Personal fires of any kind are prohibited (see above). All physical fire art requires prior/expressed approval by the FART team. All fire art requires inspection on-site, which may require a phone.


Engulf’s effigy is the pinnacle of the event; the Saturday night inferno around a large wooden sculpture designed and built by a hard–working crew of Effigy volunteers. Please honor this art by not intentionally damaging, defacing, or burning it. Do not smoke or using open flames nearby. Participants may leave memories and (non-destructive) thoughts on the Effigy. The Effigy will burn on Saturday night at 10:00pm.

Effigy burns Saturday night at 10pm(ish)


Engulf happens, in part, through the hard work of a few bold soldiers known as the Department of Public Works (DPW), who provide the infrastructure, power, and grunt work necessary for the event to run smoothly.

Engulf DPW reminds you that if it’s not yours, don’t mess with it. Things put in place by DPW, like signage and safety barriers, are there for a reason.

  • All generators must have a sound baffle.
  • DO NOT run electrical cords across roads or walkways.
  • All structures, including tie downs, must be inside theme campsite markers (if camping in a theme camp) and must be secure from high wind or other stress.
  • Joyriding or any other misuse of any vehicle, Art Car or Staff Golf Cart, is grounds for eviction from the event.
  • Illuminating guide wires and ground stakes are highly recommendedempty beer cans or tennis balls work great.

Excessive sound is the single most likely reason that law enforcement officers will pay an unexpected visit.


Amplified sound is an integral part of Engulf as it is any Burn, and Engulf highly encourages and appreciates artistic expression through the medium of s o o u u n n d d!

All Engulf Theme Camps bringing amplified sound intending to create an environment for gathering to dance, relax, or otherwise participate where music is the primary form of artistic expression are considered to be Sound Camps, regardless of the size, wattage, or volume of their system.

All Sound Camps, regardless of their power source, must agree to abide by the sound policy in order to gain placement at Engulf events.

Sound levels and Enforcement:
The purpose of setting maximum sound levels is to ensure that your neighbors inside the event are happy and that the neighbors outside the event are happy so your sound camp can continue having sound for the next year.

1. Upon arriving at Engulf, report the sound equipment you have with you at the Gate, even if it’s just a boom-box.

  • Level 1 (Loud): Normal car stereo / average living. No camps or art that produce amplified sound louder than above can be placed in the Level 1 areas. These camps can’t be heard outside of their camps. The system would consist of a few small powered speakers. No subwoofers or DJ monitors are in this category. If the sound can be heard outside your camp there will be a need to regulate it. This category includes art projects for placement purposes. The open camping (pine forest) will have no amplified sound louder than a boom box and none after 10pm. No generators can run after 10pm.
  • Level 2 (Louder): Small dance club or theatre (70 dB at a distance of 3 meters). Any sound camp consisting of one or two DJ monitors rated at 300watts or less. Generators and sound can go 24 hours. Please be aware of your neighbors and during times late at night or early in the morning, be mindful to your sound being enjoyed as opposed to just on and running. The Sound Squad (Rangers, Organizers, and Sound Team Volunteers) may ask you to turn your volume down, or completely off. Honor these requests.
  • Level 3 (Loudest): Large dance club or arena. (100 dB at a distance of 3 meters). Generators and sound can go 24 hours. The Sound Squad (Rangers, Organizers, and Sound Team Volunteers) may ask you to turn your volume down, or completely off. Honor these requests.

The dB levels here are intended as guidelines. What is important is the impact your sound has on your surroundings.
Engulf respects the needs and regulations of the local communities surrounding our event. Some of your music may travel beyond our perimeter and into these communities. Basic sound rules have been listed, but please note that they may be subject to change before or during the event. Excessive sound is the single most likely reason that law enforcement officers will visit Engulf.

The Sound Squad will be monitoring and working with sound camps throughout the event. Failure to comply with their requests will be grounds for removal. If the police arrive with noise complaints, they may be directed toward camps that are violating sound policies.

In the event of any disagreement or dispute over sound, neighbors should talk to one another when the sound becomes a problem and try to resolve the issue through direct communication before involving a Ranger, LLC member, or volunteer. Discuss and listen. Express your concerns. Be respectful.

Bring ear plugs. Burns can be LOUD. Be prepared to accommodate the community’s need for sound with your personal needs for rest or quiet.
In the event of an emergency or evacuation, we will need you to help us notify participants that an emergency has arisen and broadcast the instructions of the emergency team. For this reason, medium to large sound camps must bring a working microphone to make emergency announcements and all sound camps must comply with requests from the LLC for disseminating information through their sound systems.


Engulf’s site, Lazy B Ranch, is privately owned and operated. Comply with any reasonable request that law enforcement, your organizers, your hosts, or their employees make of you. Failure to do so is grounds for removal from Engulf, and that’s way less of a good time.


Sunday – October 13th

All participants except for select volunteers must be off the property by 3:00 P.M.

Please make sure to Leave No Trace of your campsite and try to pick up anything you may find along the way. While we know stinky trash is not a fun traveling companion, it is vitally important that everything you pack out ends up at your own home, NOT on the side of the road or in private dumpsters!

If you’d like to help the Leave No Trace team on Sunday, and potentially beyond, please volunteer and register with a volunteer coordinator at the EN-V HQ tent.

Thank you for reading and for your participation! Don’t forget that Engulf can only be the incredible experience it is with YOUR help. Looking forward to seeing you at Engulf!