Event Information

What is Engulf?

Engulf is a way of bringing Burning Man’s spirit and 10 principles to our region, where we continue the experiment in community building and community self-reliance by erecting our own temporary city where self-expression, inclusion, participation, and immediacy are core values. Engulf is an event created by its participants and all Engulfers are participants, which means there are no spectators.

For those who have never made the journey to Black Rock City this is an opportunity to experience the fully participatory atmosphere of a no-spectator, Leave No Trace event.

Event Dates

Engulf for this year: October 10 – 13, 2019
Engulf hopes to continue as an annual event that will take place during the lovely month of October in years to come.


Every Engulf participant must have a ticket. From committee members to rangers, every Engulfer gets in the same way – with a ticket. Tickets can be purchased online: Second round tickets on sale till they run out and third round starts October 1.

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The Venue

Engulf will take place at Lazy B Ranch in Kentwood, LA – about 1 hour and 45 minutes from New Orleans. We are working on the layout of the city including where you will put your stuff, whether it’s at a theme camp or in open-camping areas.

Driving directions, gate and parking information will be coming soon.


We are a community of radically self-reliant people. It takes more than a gallon of water and an animal onesie to be a happy participant and to create the intentional space that makes the experience unique to burn events. Make sure you’re prepared before you head out to Engulf – which includes reading the survival guide (coming soon).

Theme Camps

Theme camps are participants who have formed a group to share camping space, amenities and the creation of an offering to the Engulf community in some way. The infrastructure of each theme camp, along with large art projects and the swampy terrain, contribute to the vibrant landscape of the event and require placement by our city planning team. We invite new and existing theme camps to register for Engulf (and to do so soon so we can accommodate your camp in the sexiest way possible.) Due date September 15.

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Art Projects

Large, interactive or climbable art is more than welcome. If you want to bring large-scale art to Engulf or want your art placed in the best possible spot, please register your project for placement. Due date September 15.

» Register art projects here.

Events at Engulf

If you want everyone to know you’re holding an event at Engulf–a yoga session, happy hour, dance party, etc.–get it on the official event directory! Due date October 1.

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Get Involved

One of the 10 Burning Man Principles is Participation! It’s so rewarding to make this swampy event your own by getting involved. Learn how you can share your unique skills and talents as a volunteer.

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