Our Mission

Engulf and the community it represents seeks to become an official Burning Man regional event. As a committee that will soon create an LLC for Engulf, we commit to the benchmarks set by Burning Man for official regional events:

  1. Involve and benefit the entire community in both creating the event and participating
    1. We will act on behalf of the New Orleans, Louisiana, and Gulf South regional burners to help this community stage Engulf, a Burning Man inspired event
    2. We will rely on community vote as frequently as possible for the direction and nature of the event
    3. We will also at times act alone to make necessary financial, legal, and other decisions
  2. To provide a forum for a wide range of artistic expression and encourage art from newcomers and seasoned artists alike
    1. We seek to encourage and provide a place for artistic expression of all kinds for all participants
    2. We seek community input on the artistic direction of all aspects of the regional
    3. We are here to serve the community as volunteers and ultimately are here to help you and the larger community make the event go
  3. To adhere to the 10 Principles
  4. To properly permit and license the event in accordance with local laws
    1. We seek to create a legal entity (LLC) and handle all legal and business aspects of Engulf
  5. To properly insure the event
  6. To provide safety plans that include medical, fire, and security
  7. To have transparent accounting 
    1. We will post our fiscal report annually
    2. We will strive for transparency in all aspects of operation
  8. To use all funds raised to benefit the entire community
    1. We will be structured as a for-profit or not-for-profit company, but all proceeds will be used to facilitate and improve Engulf
    2. We will only engage in outside activities to the extent required to facilitate Engulf
  9. To donate a portion of our profits to another Burning Man entity or other charity
  10. To work with a New Orleans regional contact to gain official status with BMorg