Sustainable Engulf

Greening Your Burn – Leave No Trace (During & After the Burn)

Recycle, Compost and Trash

RecycleIf you’ve made it this far, you know how to minimize the waste you bring to Engulf. If not, read Preparing to Leave No Trace. The next step is making sure EVERYTHING you bring in leaves with you at the end of the event. Separate and sort your trash, recycling and compost. Recycling is collected on Sunday at the gate.  Don’t forget to rinse the containers before recycling.

Store food scraps in a mesh bag so it can dry out before you leave. Composting food waste not only reduces garbage, but repurposes the waste into fertilizer to go back into the earth – be sure to use a container with a tight lid for transporting the compost home. Remember, only fruits and vegetables in your compost, no meat or dairy.

There are NO trash receptacles on site, so bring heavy duty trash bags and/or containers to PACK IT OUT! Smokers, use a portable ashtray (a mint container works well) to collect cigarette butts and ash (yes ash is MOOP).

On the way home, secure your load. Don’t let your trash fly off your vehicle, and do not dump it on the side of the road or at a rest stop! Respect the surrounding communities.

Human Waste

PortosIf it wasn’t in your body, don’t put it in the potty! Only single-ply toilet paper and human waste in the potties. Double-ply is too thick. Anything else will clog the toilet – DO NOT PUT BABY WIPES IN THE POTTYS, put it in your trash and pack it out with you. Always use a potty for your body waste — don’t go on the ground, this turns into a chemical runoff issue for our waterways. Everyone is close to a port-o-potty. Use them, please. Having a pee jug near your bed will cut down on trips to the potties.

Burn Responsibly

Reduce and reuse! Fires are for celebration and spiritual connection, not places to dump garbage. Low temperature burning produces toxic emissions, so minimize what you burn. Recycle or reuse materials. If you do burn, be sure the wood you place in the burn platform is well contained. Have tools on hand to break down and cut up larger pieces.

Burn clean! Be careful to burn only clean (no paint) wood or paper! Don’t burn anything that is toxic! Carpets, cushioned furniture, PVC and other plastics release dioxins, formaldehyde, and other nasty stuff. Do not put any trash into your burn barrels! Don’t burn that sofa! Burning wool creates cyanide gas. Don’t do it.

Respect Your Neighborhood, Share Resources and Hunt MOOP
Be Prepared! Carry a MOOP bag and pick up pieces of trash as you walk around the city. What’s a MOOP bag? Ideally, it’s a narrow fabric bag, (plastic bags can blow away) with a strap or clip, that you can carry with you. Your MOOP bag gives you a place to stow your own MOOP as well as MOOP you find. Our community works together to improve our life at Engulf. Talk to others and help them to better understand how to leave no trace.

Promote LNT neighborhoods. Initiate a MOOP sweep with your neighbors to keep your part of the city clean and green. If you get overwhelmed, ask for help.

Grid Your Camp for MOOP
Since you didn’t wait till the end of the burn to clean up, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the mess and should be able to pack-up and load everything (including all trash) into your vehicles, then do a line sweep for every last bit of MOOP (Matter Out Of Place).

Give everyone in camp a trash bag (box, bin, Ziploc bag) and line them up along one edge of camp, look down and slowly walk to the other side. Make it fun! Cover your entire area looking for those last bits of MOOP: every twist tie, cigarette butt, food scrap, carpet fiber, match, nut shell, staple, scrap of plastic …everything.


Gray water
DO NOT dump gray water on the ground. Not only does it create a mud pit, but it leads to runoff that enters nearby waterways. Gray water includes water from washing dishes, washing your face/ showering, brushing your teeth. Collect gray water in a shallow basin and allow it to evaporate. Put any remaining gray water in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid or in a seal-able container and carry it out with you. Dump it in an approved dumping facility.  

Donate excess non-perishable food to local food banks and shelters or see if HQ can take the food for the volunteers staying post-event.

Take 2 minutes. Read this in its entirety:

Let’s leave the earth at Engulf better than we found it! Consider conscientious and innovative ways to create a more environmentally friendly and responsible burn! To reach the MOOP POLICE: (561) 542-8734 or ask for Sam.  

This is brought to you by Guardian of the Earth!
Sam M.

Earth Guardians