Board to Death

It’s all fun and games until someone loses their life! Camp Board to Death is an interactive game camp where participants walk through the afterlife to play a series of games where they will eventually meet Death himself and play him in a game of chess to save the burn! The first game will require the participant to spin a wheel and either be “damned” or “saved”. The second game will ask the participant to wager something (a secret, a dare, a physical item, etc.) and then they will have to choose a drawer of chance to find out if they will lose their wager or be gifted an item. In the last game, the participant will face Death in a game of chess. Each participant will move one chess piece against Death who will then retaliate. The game against Death will be the featured part of our camp. Once either Death or the burners win the game of chess, we will celebrate with a song of victory or defeat to announce the winner.