Goa Love Lounge

I recently purchased a lot of large (5′ X 5′ up to 12′ X 16″ psychedelic banners and backdrops for a glow party I am hosting in July. I purchased these because I thought that they would have a 2nd home at Engulf and would help create a serene, trippy, psychedelic place in the woods for late night chill time.

My concept is to have a large tent (or two or three) that would house this collection of art inside and outside, with lots of UV lighting to really make them look nice at night. We will cover the bottom of the tent from wall to wall in mattresses covered in waterproof naugahyde and cover with beautiful pillows from Thailand and India. We will use drapery inside to make it somewhat of a Kundalini Lounge (for those that have been to the one at Burning Man) for late night chill time.

We may stretch some of the art from tree to tree for some outdoor viewing options. We would put Andrew Pronin’s work (the more vibrant art) outside. His work has been part of many other festivals including Crystal Worlds Party, Systo, Trimurti, Chill Out Planet.

We will put Samuel Farrand’s art inside, as it is more subtle, calming and reflective.

Here is a link that shows the art and lighting:


We will play everything from Goa Trance to Beats Antique inspired music. We will use flexible strips of LED UV lighting, along with blacklight bars and stage lighting.