The Vanity Lounge

The Vanity Lounge and Psychedelic Tooth Brush Station team up again to bring a camp promoting self love, self care, and connection through offerings and learning to better care for your community.

New Orleans Costume Culture is one unique aspect that defines our burn and will forever inspire our people. We give beautiful, detailed lives to our characters and objects in our worlds to enhance our own experiences. Imagine a vintage vanity. So much soul, history, beauty and heartbreak lies within that mirror and secrets, tools, trinkets lie within the drawers.

Too many burns, I have gotten ready alone, in my hot tent, sweating and squinting into my petite broken compact, Charlotte. These gatherings provide an extraordinary opportunity for expression and extremely inspired costume moments. What better place to explore the dirtiest, wildest, most daring, most sacred parts of soul, than to graciously adorn and appreciate the bodies within our beloved community. The Vanity Lounge offers a place for us to do this together.

Look forward to make up and other beauty accouterments. Oils, Lotions, Sunscreen, Hygiene Products, and Self Care Tools. Mead, Treats, Fresh Fruit, Concoctions, Mints, Candies and delights. And then some.