Weather Update

Hey Everyone!
Engulf prep is underway and we’re all so excited!
We wanted to update y’all on the weather during the event.
It looks like rain chances during the event have gone down, which is fantastic!
A cold front will be coming through pre-event and that will drop the night time temperature. Some weather sites are reporting expected lows to be in the upper 50’s.
Come prepared!
Rain chances, although diminishing, are still a possibility. Bring rain boots, umbrellas,  ponchos, and a shelter for you to stay dry in.
Also, we’re watching the recently upgraded 1 hurricane in the gulf. As of now its path takes it northwest and does not pose a problem for us.
We will vigilantly watch for any changes. Weather will be posted daily at The Hive so check it out.
Engulf is a rain or shine event. Please remember to heed all warnings and directives from our safety team and the LLC.
Can’t wait!!!