Yes, You can Design the Engulf 2017 Effigy!


Submission due date: August 15!

What is an effigy?

An effigy is a beautiful and magical structure created by our community of artists and volunteers and the centerpiece of our event. It is constructed of wood and can take many shapes. An effigy brings the community together in the building process, as an art piece at the event, and when we gather to burn it Saturday night at Engulf!

All of these pictures are of effigies created by the New Orleans community and have gone to TBois, Burning Man, and Engulf! These artists helped create the rich burning culture in New Orleans and you can help carry on the tradition!

This year’s theme is Below Sea Level!

What does it take to create one?

Creating an effigy means having a design and bringing it into being! It takes imagination, building materials, an engineer to sign off on its structural safety, a lead artist(s) and volunteers to help the building process and set up at Engulf.

Anyone can submit an effigy design!

While it’s great to submit a design where you have everything figured out, we also accept designs that seem possible even without all the specs. Last year, our effigy was a collaboration of three artists who had all submitted designs—Graham Holly submitted the pelican idea, Brennan Steel the star (egg), and Naomi Baum the nest! So, even if you have a small idea, it can become part of something larger!

We have a $3000 budget for this year’s effigy and lots of community members with experience who are happy to help in the design and construction process.

What are you waiting for?

Do you have an idea that you think will represent and inspire our community? Have you always wanted to try something you’ve never done or do you want another crack at building something amazing? Do you wanna submit but are unsure you can do it?

Do it!

Check out effigy info and sign-up here and please email with questions!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!